“The Best Medicine For Human Is Love” – Anonymous

At basic conditions, your loved ones might require serious consideration and more love in a recognizable air, for example, their home encompassing their family, to accelerate the recuperation.

Furthermore, expanded days at the clinic can prompt gloom and stress which might be liable for the weakening medical issue of the concerned senior patient which raises the squeezing need for at-home consideration.

Recognizing the way that senior residents on occasion might require Intensive Care Unit offices for a delayed period. Picking an emergency clinic over the home can be both monetarily and genuinely depleting.

The Intensive Care Unit office principally includes clinical gadgets and medical attendants.

At Rising Care, you can get the best of both! 

You can choose to either rent or purchase medical devices as per your budget and convenience. 

We offer you all the required ICU devices such as – 

  • – Semi Fowler Bed 
  • – Ventilator 
  • – Oxygen Concentrator 
  • – Portable oxygen cylinder 
  • – Pulse oximeter 
  • – Nebulizer 
  • – Air/Water Mattress 
  • – Cardiac Monitor 
  • – Suction Machine 
  • – IV Antibiotic therapy 
  • – Chest Physiotherapy
  • – COPD management 
  • – Home Oxygen Therapy  
  • – BiPAP and CPAP support 
  • – Bedsore care 
  • – Anticoagulation administration 
  • – ICU equipment provision 
  • – Enteral feeding 
  • – Care of IV lines
  • – IV fluid management and administration 
  • – Wound and stoma care 
  • – Tracheostomy care