India alone has 100 million people above the age of 60 years and this figure is expected to reach 300 million by the end of the year 2050. The need for home care services is growing, to cater to the elderly where the family is unable to take care of the ailing elders due to lack of time or their non-availability. Mukat Home Care is one of the renowned names as patient caretaker in Chandigarh.

What is Home Care:

Most of the long term treatment patients are happily availing the services at home than the hospitals. The basic reason is the ease of being at home and treatment cost is reduced to 1/3rd of the hospital cost.

Patients recovering from critical ailments or after trauma/surgeries take a longer time to recover and need professional medical care which is available in hospitals only. Staying in a hospital for a long time is usually not possible due to financial or family reasons. Such care is made possible through Home health care services in which medical facilities are provided to the patients in the comfort of their home. Doctor consultation, Nurses, General Duty Attendants, Elderly care, Laboratory tests, physiotherapy, etc. are readily available through these channels.

With an average increase of around 8% annually, the need for home care has seen a tremendous rise of approx. 20% in recent years. A number of national and international companies have floated in the market to provide these essential services. The cost factor is also playing an important role in this field as most of the companies claim that the treatment/care cost is up to 90% cheaper than the hospitals. Premier hospitals of India have also started patient caretaker in Chandigarh services to reach out to the people and offer cheaper services.

Mukat Home Care is a trusted patient caretaker in Chandigarh owing to its years of experience in the Healthcare sector and a team of trained professionals.

The expected expenditure in an ICU of a good hospital is from 40,000 to 1 lac per day on average. If similar services are created at home the expenditure is possible from 15000 to 25000 per day. Most of the long-term treatment patients are happily availing the services at home than the hospitals. The basic reason is the ease of being at home and the treatment cost is reduced to 1/3rd of the hospital cost.

So, when it comes to the health of your family, choose the highly trained and professional team of dedicated healthcare workers, trained staff to provide you quality medical care in the comfort of your home, backed by a NABH accredited Multi-Superspeciality Hospital.

Medical emergency can arrive anytime.No matter, how much you know about medical field, you always need health care professionals. These services are provided at door step for most effective and good results. Be it Home Care for elders or Critical care for emergengy case.

Mukat Home Care offers right guidance and identify your medical needs. Respecting the essence of time in medical emergency we offer 6 predominant services to make your medical emergency smooth.

1. Doctor visit at Home
2. Nursing at Home
3. General Duty Attendants
4. Elderly Care
5. Physiotherapy
6. Critical care


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Looking for home nursing care services?

Home nursing services cover a wide range of medical needs and are usually less expensive than hospitals and nursing homes, while being as effective as hospital care.In-Home Care is an old treatment method however with time it has evolved and has grown more intense and crucial. In-Home nursing care services in Chandigarh refers to skilled nursing care whereas In-Home Care refers to non-medical care services like personal care and companionship.

Mukat Home Care Nursing-at-home

We at Mukat Home Care have a qualified and specialized Nursing team that provides home nursing care services in Chandigarh to patients with illness or injury. The home nursing services usually entail wound care for pressure sores or surgical wounds, instructing the patient and caregiver, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies.