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Doctor Visit

A medical emergency can arrive anytime and in such crucial moments, time is the essence. If it is difficult or impossible to take the patient to the doctor for medical attention, then bring the doctor to the patient with home visit doctor services. Soon after you call for a home visit doctor, basis the immediacy 

Nursing at Home

Looking for home nursing care services? Home nursing services cover a wide range of medical needs and are usually less expensive than hospitals and nursing homes, while being as effective as hospital care.In-Home Care is an old treatment method however with time it has evolved and has grown more intense and crucial. In-Home nursing service 

General Duty Attendants (GDA)

Need attendant for patient in Chandigarh? Attendants are responsible for overall patient care while maintaining a proper environment for the patient. One must possess medical knowledge, an understanding of the patient’s psychology as well as patience to perform the role. Attendants are assigned for the daily care of the patient’s health, and hygiene while delivering

Elderly Care

“Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday” Looking for Elderly Care at Home in Chandigarh? Mukat Home Care has a qualified and specialized Nursing team that provides elderly care at home in Chandigarh to patients with multiple ailments. Years of experience with experienced staff, trained and verified male/female attendants. Old age can be the 

Critical Care

At basic conditions, your loved ones might require serious consideration and more love at a recognizable air, for example, their home encompassing their family, to accelerate the recuperation. Furthermore, expanded days at the hospital can prompt gloom and stress which might be liable for the weakening medical issue of the concerned senior patient which rises the squeezing need for at-home consideration.


Physiotherapy at home near me is one of the most searched term on internet therefore our experts at Mukat Home Care being technically advanced knew that we should provide physiotherapy at home as it is the most effective and faster ways to heal Orthopedic injuries and even avoid surgeries in some cases. Physical therapy helps