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Elderly Care at Home

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Looking for Elderly Care at Home in Chandigarh?

Mukat Home Care has a qualified and specialized Nursing team that provides elderly care at home in Chandigarh to patients with multiple ailments. Years of experience with experienced staff, trained and verified male/female attendants. Old age can be the reason for many other physical problems/limitations other than medical. Elderly care includes a range of services to facilitate medical as well as holistic care. A team of trained professional and experienced staff can provide comprehensive elderly home care including, at-home nursing facility along with routine services such as consultations, physiotherapists, collection of Lab samples from home etc.

Mukat Home Care Elderly Care at home

When it comes to elderly care at home Mukat Home Care is a name trusted for years now. We aim to bring the professional aspect of elderly care along with comprehensive attention in the comfort of your home. Our services include:

Medical Management

Dealing with multiple doctors, prescriptions and medicines can often confuse the elderly owing to their health limitations like hearing and eyesight. Mukat Home Care offers facilities to help the patient with professional medical management. The professional staff is trained to take care of all the medical needs of the patient. No more worrying about missing medicines, overdose, misunderstanding the prescription, or any other hassles.

Personal Care

Mukat Home Care provides full personal care services including bathing, dressing etc. for the elderly who face difficulty in taking care of their personal tasks. We work towards making the patient feel comfortable, independent, and hygienic all the time.

Doctor consultation and lab tests

Mukat Home Care provides a dedicated POC (point of contact) to the patient, The POC looks not only looks after the medical needs of the elderly but channelize communication between the doctors and patient. Doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are also available on call whenever required.

Mobilization support

Mukat Home Care can provide equipment and attendants to the elderly who require physical support to perform routine tasks.

Daily Tasks

Our staff is trained to give full support and care to perform all daily tasks for the elderly. The attendant can help the elderly with their day-to-day small work like meal preparation, small laundry, and even companionship.

With Mukat Home Care elderly care services, you can be assured of the care of your elderly without stressing about it.

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